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29. July, 2010, 4:34 pm

New Fold-Pak Products now available Aug 2010

Bio-Pak biopak                                                                                                      

Bio-Pak is a leak and grease resistant food container. Our customers prefer Bio-Pak because it holds all types of food product, hot or cold, wet or dry. From full-course entrees to boxed lunches Bio-Pak keeps foods fresh, and that’s important for your repeat business. Bio-Pak stacks easily, and they come already assembled for easy kitchen use. Last, but not least, Bio-Pak is fully microwaveable. Bio-Pak makes take-out look beautiful and it’s affordable. Your patrons will love it.

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Bio-Plus® Earth food containers are made from 100% recycled paper using 35% or more post-consumer recycled paper. Bio-Plus Earth is processed chlorine free and performs as well as ourBio-Pak product. It reduces the amount of packaging you use because it can hold any type of food from hot, cold, wet, ordry food products. As a 100% recycled product, Bio-Plus Earth gives a second life to the paper from which it is made. Bio-Plus Earth is endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association, and the endorsement logo is printed on the bottom of every container. The printed logo tells your customers that you are environmentally responsible by helping preserve the environment for future generations.

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SmartServ® food containers with their round sides and square top are truly unique. SmartServ containers are extremely effective for hot, cold, wet or dry food products. The cup shape makes it easy to fill and comfortable to hold. They are leak and grease resistant and fully microwaveable. SmartServ containers are easy to store in the kitchen and are nested like cups for easy use. Best of all, SmartServ has a one piece design which eliminates the common food container/lid not fitting issue.

SmartServ containers are used for ethnic foods, popcorn chicken, hot wings, single serving pastas, deli salads, side orders, and noodles to go. Chefs typically fill the containers to the top and close the flaps. Because the container is filled to 100% capacity, there is little heat loss and condensation. The heat from the food circulates within the container and keeps the food very hot. SmartServ as a pasta container, will keep your pasta al dente, unlike other types of packaging that still allow the food to cook.

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Fold-Pak® is the nations most widely used paperboard folded food pails for the restaurant and take-out industry. The Fold-Pak brand food container continues to be the industry’s first choice because of our dedication to the highest quality standards and superior service to our customers. Our food pails are the signature take-out package used by Chinese and other Asian inspired restaurants. They also can be used for all Pan Asian concepts, deli, pasta dishes, cookies, and even gift boxes.

Fold-Pak food pails keep food product extremely fresh and hot. Since Chefs typically fill the container to 100% capacity, there is little heat loss or condensation when closed. This keeps the food hot and fresh for an extended period of time.

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